MineMovie Film Festival

MineMovie Film Festival

The MineMovie Film Festival takes place in September-October 2021 on the platform of the MINEX Russia Forum in Moscow, summing up and announcing the results on October 6-7, 2021. The MineMovie Film Festival is the most significant event in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community for the presentation of short documentaries about the mining and geological and metallurgical industries and the people who work in them.

Venue: Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel & Business Centre, Europe Square 2, Moscow, Russia

About Film Festival

We live in an era when a responsible attitude to the production of mineral resources is at the forefront of public consciousness, and perceptions and reputation can significantly affect business. There is a considerable gap between public perceptions of the mining and metals industries and reality.

In today’s socio-economic environment, in addition to addressing the challenges of increasing production efficiency, mining and smelting companies should use new formats to shape public perception and pay more attention to presenting the crucial role of the mining industry in job creation, technological development and prevention of irreversible climate change.

Documentaries are one of the most effective means of shaping public perception. To change attitudes towards the industry, companies need to do more than do their job well. They need to learn to talk about themselves.

The film festival is held in 2019 together with the First Geological Channel.

The First Geological Canal was created in 2012 by Mining Communications, which has been operating on the market since 1994. The goal is to popularise knowledge about the mining industry, exchange the advanced achievements of science and mining technologies.

How is the Film Festival Organised


Documentary films from 2 to 20 minutes, released in 2019–2021, filmed in Russian or English (with built-in Russian subtitles), are accepted to participate in the MineMovie Film Festival’s program.

Participation in the competition program of the Festival is free. Participation in the commercial events of the MINEX Russia Forum is on a general basis.

Criteria for evaluation

Works submitted for participation in the Festival are evaluated by a competent Jury consisting of professionals working in the mining and metallurgical industry, media, and cinema. When evaluating films, their content, artistry, cinematic solutions, spiritual and emotional charge are taken into account.

Festival nominations

Films in the following nominations are accepted for participation in the competition program of the Festival

Best film about the company

For this nomination are accepted the films that reveal the company's main activities, showing its values, goals, strategy, achievements, the beauty of work and human relations. In addition, PR videos with a duration of more than 2 minutes are also accepted for this nomination.

Best Film about Environmental Projects

For this nomination, accepted the that tell about mining and metallurgical projects, enrichment companies for the preservation and restoration of the natural environment and wildlife, about projects for land reclamation, energy conservation, ``green energy``.

Best Film about the Profession

For this nomination, accepted the films that reveal the attractiveness and beauty of working in the mining industry (including geological exploration, processing, mineral processing, metallurgy, mine surveying, ecology). In this nomination, we are expecting to see documentaries (with artistic / game elements) about the beauty of the profession and the meaning of work; films of a cognitive, career guidance and philosophical nature.

Best Commercial

In this nomination, we expect to see commercials intended to be shown on TV and social media platforms. Films must be no more than 2 minutes. The films will be assessed on the authors' ability to tell about the company's mission and values, the attractiveness of the work of a miner/metallurgist/geologist, and the importance of the mining industry for the country in an ultra-short format.

Best Film on Innovation

This nomination accepts the films, the main focus of which is innovative production technologies, IT technologies, new management approaches that increase labour productivity, increasing the company's efficiency, increasing manageability, flexibility and dynamism, minimising environmental damage, and improving working conditions.

Best Film about Social Projects (Corporate Social Responsibility)

For this nomination accepted the films that tell about the projects of mining, metallurgical and processing companies to improve the living conditions, work, the recreation of employees of companies, their families, to improve the social climate in the place of the presence of the company, to improve social infrastructure and preserve culture, traditions and customs of indigenous peoples. The films will be assessed based on the creativity and innovation of the project idea, the connection with the main strategy and mission of the company, the effectiveness of the project, its scale, the presence of changes after the implementation of the project.

Chronicles of mining

Documentary films representing professional and amateur filming of events in the mining industry (in a broad sense) in the period up to 1980 are submitted for this nomination. new generations of miners / geologists / metallurgists.

Participation Rules and Terms

  • Films that are shot in the territory of the Russian Federation and/or the CIS are allowed to participate in the Festival.
  • The registration of competing films ends on September 15, 2021.
  • The number of films submitted by one company for each nomination is limited – no more than 1 film in one nomination.
  • Participation in the Festival is free. No monetary remuneration is provided for authors and participants.
  • The Applicant fills out the registration form and attaches an open link for download to a video file uploaded on a cloud server, Google Drive, Yandex Drive or other similar platforms.
  • The Applicant grants the Organisers a royalty-free right to a single or multiple screening of the film submitted to the Festival within the MINEX Russia Forum, including on screens in halls, on websites and social networks.
  • The Applicant grants the Organisers the right to use their names, images, photographs, logos, and branding of companies or products, as well as audio and video recordings (if available) in any form and for any purposes stipulated by the Rules of this Festival.
  • Films that have passed the preliminary selection will be admitted to the Festival program.
  • The finalist films will be screened during the MINEX Russia Forum and on the organisers’ social media platforms. The results will be published on the forum website and distributed to the media partners.

Films Requirements

Films submitted for the Festival must meet the following requirements:

  • Films must meet the requirements of the nominations of the Festival program
  • The Applicant must own the copyright for the film submitted to the Festival or have a power of attorney from the copyright holder for the film to participate in the Festival;
  • Films lengths- 2 to 20 minutes long
  • The format of the submitted video file must have a resolution of at least Full HD (1920 * 1080), in the “Chronicle of Mining” nomination, the resolution may be lower
  • The size of each video file must not exceed 2 GB
  • Films previously submitted to the competition program of the Festival cannot be re-submitted

Intellectual property rights

An application for participation in the Festival assumes that the Applicant entirely agrees with the Festival’s Rules and complies with all requirements regarding copyright protection.

In case of violation or non-compliance with the Festival’s rules, the Organisers reserve the right to exclude the film from the Festival program at any time. The decision of the Organizers is final and irrefutable.

Applicants must ensure that the films submitted for the Festival program comply with the laws of the country or countries in which the filming took place, on the protection of intellectual property and copyright, and also undertake, upon the request of the Organisers, to provide, within the required time frame all necessary permissions to use the films submitted to the Festival.

At the time of filing an application for participation in the Festival, authors must have a valid legally formalized agreement with the heroes of the film submitted for the Festival.

When images of copyrighted or licensed items appear in a film, the Applicant is responsible for obtaining permission to use these images from the copyright holders.

If the film contains images of registered trademarks and branding, the Applicant is responsible for obtaining the owner’s permission to use them in the film submitted to the Festival.

Videos are submitted for the Festival on a royalty-free basis. Authors and other persons submitting a film to the Festival do not expect a reward from the Organisers.

Applicants provide the Organizers with the right to use individual footage from films free of charge for publication in press releases and media reports to produce printed materials.


The Applicant is solely responsible for compliance with the laws, requirements, and rights of participants and other third parties who may have been affected by the shooting of the videos submitted to the Festival.

The organisers are not responsible for any material or moral damage caused by indirect or direct losses during the film’s production, including damage to intellectual property, property, life, and health of third parties caused by the Festival.

The organisers and staff involved in organising the Festival are not responsible for any moral or material damage that may arise as a result of administrative or technical errors during the Festival.

The organisers and staff involved in organizing the Festival do not share or support the opinions or statements presented in the films, nor are they obliged to verify their accuracy.

By applying for participation in the Festival, the Applicant undertakes to indemnify the organiser from any kind of claims, expenses, losses, damages associated with the film’s participation in the Festival. The Applicant is solely responsible for the infringement of the copyright of third parties and other rights related to the use of video materials.

Tax and other payments related to the participation of the claimants and the use of their videos are payable by the claimants.