Russian Mining Awards

Held since 2007, the competition is regarded by the industry as the Russia’s “Mining Oscars”

The 15th Russian Mining Awards competition is being organised in a new format

The Russian Mining Award competition allows to evaluate and promote the best achievements in various areas of mining & metals industry, including geological exploration, technological development, investment and finance, human resources development, environmental management.

How the competition is organised

The competition consists of two stages:

Stage One – Specialised Competitions

Stage Two – Identification of Laureates

Specialised competitions are held at the first stage of the Russian Mining Awards. The finalists are invited to present their projects to independent juries and audiences at MINEX Russia Forum held on 6-7 October in Moscow and online.

The winners of the competitions will be nominated to The Russian Mining Awards Competition. The announcement of the laureates and the presentation of the Awards will take place on 7 October at the Gala Drinks reception. The results of the competition will be published on the forum website and disseminated to media partners and accredited media.