Exhibition Areas and Floor Plan

Exhibition Floor Plan

Exhibition areas

Developers and producers

This section features exhibition booths of Russian and international exploration, mining and metallurgical companies presenting.

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This section presents:

  • Exploration and investment projects.
  • Production and Financial reports.
  • Development projects and plans.
  • New technologies and solutions implemented or developed by enterprises.

Service and technology companies

Russian and international service, technologies, and equipment providers exhibiting.

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The main sections of the exhibition include exhibits and presentations:

  • Machines and equipment for exploration, mining, drilling, processing, cleaning, and transportation.
  • Mining engineers and mining project assessment services.
  • Exploration and drilling services.
  • Technologies of automation, robotisation and digital transformation of mining & metals industry.
  • Safety Technologies and Equipment.
  • Services and systems for environmental monitoring and industrial cleaning.
  • Industrial building technologies and services.
  • Power supply equipment.
  • Industrial Internet and communication services and equipment.
  • Mining finance services.
  • Legal and audit services.
  • Personnel selection and training services and technologies.

Open Events Hall

Open Events Hall will provide a presentation platform for MINEX Russia Forum’s business podiums, Metals & Mining HR conference and Competitions. Access to the hall will be open to all Exhibition visitors and the Forum participants. The hall is equipped for organising hybrid events. Visitors will be able to listen to presentations and take part in Q&As with speakers who are presenting in person from Moscow and remotely.

HR area

HR area features HR Receptions and HR Desks where companies and universities will conduct individual interviews and present projects.

Media area

Interview area and Media desks of leading industry publications and news agencies are located near the Open Events Hall. Here exhibitors will be able to organise press-briefings, conduct interviews and distribute press releases.

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms located next to the main conference hall will be available for hire on first-come basis. Here, exhibitors can organise private meetings, presentations, and interviews. Audio-Visual equipment and private catering services are available on request.

Interactive Areas

Press wall

A professional photographer will be taking pictures of the Forum delegates and Exhibition visitors. Photos will be printed onsite and presented as souvenirs, making participation in MINEX Russia an unforgettable experience.

Hybrid booths area

Companies participating in the exhibition in a hybrid format (in-person and remotely) can hold meetings and communicate with visitors through the Internet kiosks located at their on-site booths. Booth assistants will greet visitors and help them to communicate with remote exhibitors via internet video calls. Consecutive translation services can be provided on request.

Quests and contests

Exhibitors will be able to organise at their booths and exhibition areas product quizzes and quests offering prizes to most active or knowledgeable participants. A digital version of the quizzes and quests can also be replicated at the forum’s virtual exhibition engaging online visitors.

Virtual tours

MINEX Forum Digital Media Agency offers exhibitors the design and development of Virtual Tours and 3D Interactive Platforms. Presentations of the virtual tours will be held at the mainstream sessions of the MINEX Russia Forum and Mining Goes Digital Conference. Exhibition visitors will be able to take part in the tours via VR helmets and video panels at the on-site booths of presenting companies.