About MINEX Forum

About the Forum

MINEX Russia Forum was founded in 2005 as an independent, impartial international event platform, not connected with the interests of individual companies and organisations. The Forum is dedicated to discussing the problems and development prospects of the mining industry. The Forum offers opportunities for presentation and exchange of views, experiences, and technologies.
The Forum is open to participants from both public and private sector organisations, as well as international communities and academic institutions. When we prepare the Forum agenda, we make every effort for creating balanced, without any preferences, presentations of experiences, opinions, and knowledge of subsoil management. Moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything the MINEX Forum does.


Since its creation MINEX Forum has organised over 100 events and brought together more than
10 000 participants. These events facilitated industry-wide and cross-border discussion of ideas, projects, practices, and technologies for unlocking mineral wealth and developing sustainable and responsible mining industry in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, UK and countries of Continental Europe.

About Advantix

Our international events team based in the UK, Russia and Kazakhstan specialises in organising in-person, online and hybrid multilingual conferences, trade shows, competitions and site visits, connecting people and businesses across various industries and countries.
Our UK based digital media team works on the development and integration of pioneering technologies to create unique immersive experiences for businesses and governments.

MINEX Forum in Social Media

Join MINEX Forum on Social Media to stay informed and keep in touch with other members of our global community. On our Youtube Channel you can view an extensive video library of the presentations, talks, discussions and masterclasses organised under the MINEX Forum trademark.
The channel also features videos of the participants of the MineMovie film festival of documentary and corporate films dedicated to the mining industry and profession.

Annual Events

MINEX Russia

Established in 2005, MINEX Russia Forum is one of the oldest and most respected industry events in Russia. Organised annually in Moscow, the forum provides opportunities for presentation and discussion of key trends, projects, and technologies in the mining and geological industry in Russia and overseas.

MINEX Kazakhstan

Held since 2010, MINEX Kazakhstan is one of the best-regarded mining events in Central Asia. Held every year in Nur-Sultan, the Forum provides a platform for presentation of important changes in Kazakhstan’s mining legislation and the key projects and technologies developed in Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia.

MINEX Europe

Founded in 2015, MINEX Europe Forum has been focusing on technological, investment and market developments across Europe’s mining industry. Besides online events, MINEX Europe Forums have been held in Austria, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria.

MINEX Eurasia

Established in 2012, MINEX Eurasia is the UK’s largest event which primary focuses on Mining Trade and Investment opportunities in Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia and targets the UK and International capital markets, financiers, and services.

Events Organised Under MINEX Forum Trademark

MINEX Kyrgyzstan

MINEX Kyrgyzstan Forum, organised in Bishkek in 2018, offered a unique opportunity to get to the heart of the Kyrgyz mining industry, to understand the issues and opportunities in this mineral-rich region. The event brought together all the key players from the Government, investors, corporates, associations, the local supply chain and NGOs, as well as international delegates.

MINEX Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is rolling out plans to widen cooperation with the private sector to modernise state-owned mining enterprises and to offer foreign investors to develop new strategic metals deposits of gold, rare earth metals, uranium, coal and potash. MINEX Uzbekistan event organised in Tashkent in 2017 provided a platform for international mining companies and service providers to meet with the national mining companies and government officials and discuss business prospects.

MINEX Far East

MINEX Far East Conference organised under the auspices of MINEX Forum is a non-profit event. Organised since 2008 it remains the largest mining event to uncover business opportunities in Russia’s mining hotspots in Siberia and the Far East.

Events Managed by MINEX Forum Team

Mining Goes Digital Conference

Created in 2019 “Mining Goes Digital” (Former name: Mining Goes Digital) was the first international 4.0 technology conference in Russia focused on the digital transformation of mining and metals industries.

Smart Industry Conference

Smart Industry Conference’21 (SIC’21) is one of the first cross-industry benchmarking events in Russia. It brings together companies from various industrial sectors who will share their experience in digital transformation and the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies.

HR Fair

The Conference and the Fair are organised for the first time alongside the MINEX Russia Forum. During the two-day series of events, Companies and Universities will discuss pressing issues related to education, R&D, human resource management, the impact of AI and automation on creating new jobs in the mining and metallurgical industry.


MINEX Forum is the initiator and main organiser of several national and international competitions which promote innovation and highlight achievements in various industries

Russian Mining Award

The Russian Mining Award competition has been held since 2007 and is one of the most prestigious events in the Russian Mining and Geological industry.


The MineTech competition is regularly held alongside the MINEX forums in Russia and Kazakhstan, helping to promote breakthrough technologies and venture projects.


The competition presents a benchmarking platform for the mineral resource base development projects.


The MineTech competition is regularly held alongside the MINEX forums in Russia and Kazakhstan, helping to promote breakthrough technologies and venture projects.


The MineMovie competition is held jointly with the First Geological Internet Channel to present short documentaries about the mining and geological industry in the Eurasian Economic Community. It is the most significant mining industry film event in the region.


The MineEco competition will be launched in 2021 alongside the MINEX forums in Russia and Kazakhstan. The competition will present the best environment and social responsibility projects in the mining and metallurgical industries.


The competition is organised within the framework of the HR Fair. Projects in the field of personnel management and training of specialists for the enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex will be presented at this competition.


Mining digital technology and transformation cases competition

Virtual Exhibition Projects

In 2020 we have developed MINEX Forum VR solution for organising the World’s first immersive online events for mining industries across European countries and Central Asia. Using 360 panorama media and computer-generated models we are creating digital 3-dimensional exhibitions and forums enhanced with an interactive online presentation, communication, networking, and analytical tools.

At the virtual exhibition, you can explore exhibitors’ booths, meet exhibitors, and watch presentations from the comfort of your home or office. Walk around exhibition stands. View videos and materials presented by exhibitors. Ask questions or schedule meetings with exhibitors. Throughout the year exhibitors are holding on the Virtual Exhibition platforms b-2-b and b-2-c webinars, masterclasses, product demonstrations, consultations, sweepstakes, and other virtual events.

MINEX Russia 2020

The first immersive exhibition was created in November 2020 for MINEX Russia Forum organised in Moscow.

The exhibition has been built using 360 panorama images and consists of 80 virtual exhibition stands and halls. The exhibition also contains video recordings of open sessions organised during the forum.

MINEX Kazakhstan 2021

In March 2021 we have developed the MINEX Kazakhstan virtual expo – a digital twin of the mining trade exhibition organised in Nur-Sultan in September 2021.

Our virtual exhibition extends opportunities for the presentation of important changes in Kazakhstan’s mining sector and key projects and technologies developed in Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia.

Plarforms and Services


Information and Analytical blog

Created in 2007 MINEXForum.com blog is dedicated to sharing news, trends and stories in Metals and Mining sector across Europe and Central Asia.
MINEXForum.com provides free multi-media platform for mining experts and companies for submitting stories and sharing their views with the global audience.
The minexforum.com portal publishes its own content and analytical materials, as well as articles, presentations and reports received from the blog’s resident authors (individuals and companies). –
Minexforum.com also acts as an “incubator” of ideas, which, subsequently, can materialise in real meetings and individual events.

MINEX Forum.online

Online Events Platform

MINEX Forum is the largest international communication and events platform focused on Mining and Exploration across Europe, Central Asia, and Mongolia.
MINEX Forum online events platform enables professional communications and knowledge sharing between mining and supply chain companies, governments, financiers and investors.
The platform is ideal for holding international events enabling on-site and online speaker presentations and simultaneous translation for up to 4 languages simultaneously.
The platform also supports multi-channel live broadcasting of live and pre-recorded events to 10 social media platforms e.g. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Twitch.
Our mobile web application supports events with up to 5,000 participants, providing access to secured content, live surveys and polls, group and peer-to-peer communications, online networking, meeting scheduling and powering communications between delegates attending events in person and online.

MINEX Forum VR Exhibition

The exhibition is an augmented extension of physical and hybrid events organised by the MINEX Forum. The exhibition provides opportunities for organising an online presentation of machines, equipment, services and projects in the field of exploration, production and processing of metals and minerals. Visitors can access the exhibition via an Internet browser at any time without downloading additional software. The technology behind the exhibition creates a sense of real presence. Visitors can independently move through the halls, visit individual stands, open documents, watch videos, listen to audio recordings. Through feedback forms or contact buttons, visitors can ask the exhibitor a question, book an appointment, arrange a phone or a video call.

Bespoke 360° Virtual Tours

MINEX Forum provides fully inclusive services for creating virtual tours of any size and complexity.

With the digitalisation of our society, virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular as marketing and presentation methods. They have the unique ability to teleport visitors to virtual environment which offers more natural educational and interactive tools.

Virtual tours can be integrated into corporate sites, expanding their information and interactive capabilities.

Virtual Congress Hall

This universal platform allows conducting online events of almost any format, incl. exhibitions, fairs, conferences, competitions, tenders, festivals, etc. The platform is built on a computer-generated model of a multifunctional exhibition and conference complex.

MINEX Forum virtual Congress hall can accommodate online events of various formats from 10 to 10,000 participants. The congress hall is equipped with Internet technologies for organising conferences, round tables, forums.


The MINEX virtual platform was created for organising immersive events, exhibitions, and virtual tours focusing on mining and exploration.